Huus Gstaad Hotel - luxury encased in ice

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Huus Gstaad Hotel, which opened in December of 2016, is already internationally known and has its regular visitors…

This complex of warm-style accommodation units faces the mountains of this region, offering you a number of luxury activities and services. The main goal of the designers of this hotel was to design a space where everyone will feel welcome, like at home, with an environment that is spacious, filled with warmth and luxury. Completely renovated, this hotel has replaced its ordinary walls with floor-to-ceiling glass panels, delighting all its guests with an abundance of natural light.

Huus Gstaad Hotel offers 136 rooms and suites, divided into four categories, but each guest accommodation contains large beds, balconies or terraces from which you can admire the beauty of the mountains or garden, as well as a gentle blanket to help you create a warm, luxurious ambience. The benefits offered to guests of course include mountain activities and everything you need for them - backpacks, aluminum bottles and binoculars. The spacious bathrooms have oak shelves, refined black tiles and gray pebbles to help you completely change your surroundings. In all rooms, large arched windows give you the opportunity to soak up the Swiss landscape, accompanied by floral aromas that fill each room.

Another spectacular part of this hotel is The Living Room. It is a space of about 400 square meters, and includes a loggia and a bar, which offers the best drinks from this region, along with a library and a large terrace. Modern pieces of furniture and decorations give guests the opportunity to relax after a day spent in the snow, while the hotel concierge is there to offer you their best possible tips.

Above all, the Huus Gstaad Hotel offers an unforgettable moment of relaxation measuring around 2,000 square meters and occupying three floors. Here you can admire the panoramic view of the garden from the Finnish sauna, or you can relax in the aromatic sauna and its scents. Also, the spa has an ice fountain, a large pool, a spa for children and yoga classes, with unavoidable massages.

During your relaxation in the hotel, you can enjoy the fantastic gastronomic delicacies prepared by the chef Guiseppe Colella. Thanks to his experience, he has turned Hotel Huus Gstaad into one of the best gastronomic destinations in the region.

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