How can organic and inorganic influences coexist in modern architecture?

By integrating green concepts into modern aesthetics, architects manage to create sculptural shapes housing our hopes and dreams, as well as the result of our species’ creativity and adaptability. The PARKROYAL on Pickering showcases its designers’ – studio WOHA - strive to build a “green city”, doubling the amount of vegetation growing within the structures. This massive hotel in Singapore was forested with tropical plants inside out, enhancing its sinuous design elements: “Massive curvaceous sky-gardens, draped with tropical plants and supporting swathes of frangipani and palm trees, are cantilevered at every fourth level between the blocks of guest rooms.”

Employing architectural shading solutions and creating a strong visual connection to the surrounding vegetation but reigning over every other building around, the welcoming hotel invites its guests into a world of exceptional design. “Perched above the open-to-all-the-elements pool deck of a five-storey podium, a twelve-storey tower forms an E plan, so that all guest rooms look north to the park and/or into the sky gardens, whilst the services and the external connecting corridors were placed on the southern elevation.”

Words can do only so much for our minds, photos will better guide you through this awe-inspiring hotel design and you will find yourself eager to know more.

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