MAHALI MZURI - luxury African safari

Richard Branson has a long list of luxury boutique hotels that are located in all parts of the world...

Mahala Mzuri is one of them and in fact is a luxury destination for safari holidays, north of the world famous Maasai Mara National Park, near Nairobi. Translated from Swahili, Mahala Mzuri means a nice place - after just one look at this location, you will understand why it has that very name. The site consists of 12 permanent tents, in which up to 24 tourists can be placed at any time of the year. When we say tent, you probably do not associate the luxury vacation, but we believe that is exactly what it is. These modern tents are luxuriously furnished, and are designed to perfectly blend with the surroundings.

Two of the twelve tents have room for two additional guests, which is perfect for people who would like to come with children. All apartments are connected by a common corridor, and the farthest is only five minutes’ walk from the main tent. From the private part of the tent, which is open to nature, visitors can enjoy an impeccable view of the environment and wildlife, while enjoying the comfort and luxury. The interior of these tents are made of bamboo lamps, lamps that are woven wicker and wooden furniture. Other benefits in all rooms are iPad, sound systems, satellite TV and DVD player. If you come with children, for them there are game consoles, a variety of children's books and paper kites.

At this place, there are a variety of activities that you can engage in. We recommend that you start your journey through the Maasai tribal community and see what interesting life they still respect and preserve. Then, there is the safari walks, observation of night owls and badgers. As requested, here you can organize tours and private car, and a balloon.

After a day spent in this wild nature, the next activity which you indulge in should be relaxing. We suggest you to relax and enjoy spa treatments such as facial and massage in an intimate setting, which itself perfectly to give vent. Nasar spa is a place which uses only products that are made right here for recipes that have existed for a long time and are passed from one generation to another.

At the end of the day, you can relax and have a drink at the bar or enjoy the extravagant African cuisine on your own private terrace. If you wish, you can dine in front of the Infiniti pool, a shared table or in a little wilder natural environment.

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