Neom's Latest Luxury Haven: Elanan

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Neom, Saudi Arabia's jewel of innovation, has just unveiled Elanan, a visionary wellness destination that redefines luxury...

With 80 specially designed rooms, endless infinity pools, a wellness center, and a towering observation tower, Elanan represents the pinnacle of futuristic indulgence. Neom City has welcomed yet another heavenly sanctuary, Elanan, which combines luxury, well-being, and innovation. Surrounded by mesmerizing nature, the latest addition to Neom on the pristine Gulf of Aqaba coastline holds a special place in a cluster of charming projects due to its lush oasis and ancient natural springs.

Elanan features 80 exclusive rooms and suites, surrounded by striking sculptures that seamlessly blend with the surroundings without standing out due to their contemporary aesthetic. This sanctuary also includes large plazas, private dining, a sun garden, and even an observation tower. The nature resort employs technology only when it comes to wellness and promoting relaxation.

"Guests can explore the large plazas, enjoy specialty private dining, find relaxation in the sun garden, or soak up the spectacular views from the top of the observation tower," said a company spokesperson. "From the moment visitors arrive, they embark on a wellness journey within the soothing embrace of nature."

"The unveiling of Elanan follows the recent announcements of Leyja, Epicon, Siranna, Utamo, Norlana, Aquellum, Zardun, and Xaynor, which are sustainable tourism destinations within the Gulf of Aqaba, all linked by Neom's commitment to sustainable development," he added.

DiscoverNeom shared a post on Instagram that reads: "Designed with wellness at its core, Elanan offers a unique nature resort that embraces all the senses. This hidden wellness retreat is nestled on the pristine Gulf of Aqaba coastline, where mountains meet the sea." The announcement was well-received, with some followers comparing the project to a real Metaverse. Some described Elanan as enchanting, but an experience only affordable to the ultra-elite.

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