New and exclusive Mandarin Oriental Geneva offer

We are sure that you already know how important sleep is for our health, good feeling and quality and fulfilled life…

Then, when you have trouble sleeping for just one night, you are aware of the consequences you will face the next day - drowsiness, lack of concentration, headache, fatigue, are just some of the unpleasant symptoms. If you have chronic insomnia, then you know very well how much a good night's sleep can mean.

Hotel Mandarin Oriental in Geneva, has cooperated with experts in this field, to make sure that your next stay with them is flawless and marked by a good night's sleep. The famous brand collaborated with the first private sleep clinic in Switzerland, CENAS, to jointly create an innovative package that gives all guests the opportunity to experience the best of both worlds - hospitality and wellness.

Designed with the importance of regenerative sleep in mind, to ensure optimal mental and physical well-being, this package includes three nights, with a luxurious hotel experience, an all-night polysomnographic test that records critical sleep parameters such as rhythm and body movement, to help identify potential disorders sleep.

Guests will receive a complete diagnostic report, in order to improve the quality of their sleep and life by detecting potential disorders during their stay. The program also includes transfers to the CENAS sleep clinic, breakfast, access to the Mandarin Oriental Wellness on the Road program, herbal teas and a pillow menu, with the use of a fitness center, sauna and hammam.

The exclusive program will be available for $ 11,000. Would you try it?

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