New decadent hotel on Lake Como

What happens when two historical Italian luxury brands join hands? One magnificent resort on a lake shore emerges!

Built in the middle of 1500s like a cardinal’s summer residence, and after transformed into a hotel at the end of 1800s, decadent Villa d’Este estate located on Lake Como, became a hideout for all lovers of peace and quiet, including royals and influencers, Hollywood stars and presidents with their families. This estate earned its place among the historical luxury brands, becoming a synonym for timeless style and impeccable creation like Fendi, Gucci and Loro Piana.

Close connection of Villa d’Este with the last stated brand, Loro Piana, has inspired the just launched, redesigned Villa Cima. For the first time built in 1815, this 700 square meter villa contains four bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen and a spacious deck with a view of the lake and mountains. It is particularly popular among families and groups of friends. It interesting décor was just refreshed with the help of Loro Piana brand.

Famous for their luxurious textiles and sophisticated aesthetics, this brand had replaced old antiques with bespoke furniture pieces, and after, they coated the walls, windows, headboards, tables and seating spaces with sophisticated silk and velvet, linen and gentle cashmere. One night in Villa Cima will cost you 11.700 dollars and we believe that it would be worth every penny.


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