New Greek jewel trademark - Saint Hotel on Santorini

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Greek studio Kapsimalis Architects recently transformed a former Santorini complex of homes, barns and cellars into a beautiful hotel with rooms in caves...

Located in a row of buildings in charge of creating the edge of the village of Odi, Saint Hotel descends sharply down a cliff that stretches by the sea. Each level of these apartments offers unobstructed views of the volcanic island bay, with rooms resembling extensions of steep hillsides. Sixteen of these accommodations open to private terraces equipped with swimming pools and seating areas, completely separated by light white walls.

Apartments, restaurants, swimming pool, spa and gym are also connected by a central concrete staircase that changes its axis along the entire site. Six of these hotel rooms occupy the original, restored structures, while the remaining space is almost completely redesigned.

As the building occupies a significant part of the countryside, the Greek architectural studio wanted its scheme to project the simplicity of traditional streets and architectural forms, but they used innovative and modern materials.

The techniques used in the construction are completely synthetic in terms of integrating the new hotel complex into the urban image of the volcanic landscape. Each process involved building structures, geometric shapes, a carefully curated selection of materials, textures and colors, integrating them into the landscape with contemporary hotel functionality.

The original shape of the cave space has been revived and incorporated into the surroundings by the distinctive white color of the buildings. The new corner walls follow the contours of the Saint Hotel in an indescribably natural way, focusing its views of the sea. Connected to the village through the reception, the suites offer complete privacy and the possibility of subtle meditation in every corner.

The interiors of the Saint Hotel complex's rooms are redecorated in white exterior with white smooth finishes of cave walls and white plaster, incorporated into every ambience in a strictly minimalist style. Amorphous furniture pieces add to the comfort of the room and provide seating for hinged edges and circular umbrellas that can be rotated or adjusted at an angle.


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