New hotel opened in the Versailles

The hotel that has just opened its doors, located within Versailles in France, can very easily be characterized as a destination we all want to visit…

This hotel is the first of its kind, which opens in such an exclusive location, and as expected, it comes with extremely high prices. Named the Chateau de Versailles, Le Grand Controle, this hotel is housed in a building built in 1681 from Louis XIV’s favorite architect, Jules-Hardouin Mansart. The hotel features a fourteen rooms and suites, including the 120-square-foot Alain Ducasee Outstanding Dining, and the Valmont Spa with a 15-meter pool.

Comments from the Airelles Hotel say: "The estate is partially equipped with original period furniture, Tollemer worked closely with Emmanuelle Vidal-Delagneau, a specialist of French heritage and art, when it comes to the selection of authentic works of art and objects from the 17th and 18th century”.

Speaking about the dining experience, they added: "At 8:30 pm, the bell rings to announce the start of dinner, where guests can enjoy a five-course gourmet feast, which begins with a selection of soups and appetizers, accompanied by meat and salads, desserts and fruit ”.

The luxury experience is considered a theatrical affair that reminds us of the royal banquets, because the team of restaurant workers is dressed in period costumes, serving all dishes in silver, gold or bronze dishes.

In addition to accommodation and dining, guests can also visit the Grand Trianon resort of King Louis XIV or Le Hameau de la Reine, along with an intimate palate tour during their stay.

The package price at this hotel ranges from $ 2,200 - are you interested?

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