Oasis in the heart of the desert - Six Senses Shaharut

The dazzling, ethereal landscapes of the endless Negev Desert definitely attract a lot of attention, but there is something even more spectacular in the northern part of the state of Israel, more precisely in its Arava Valley...

During a clear day, from this part of Israel you can observe the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt or notice the red landscapes of the Jordan Mountains in the east. In this part of the beautiful desert, sunsets burn the sky, and endless stellar panoramas appear behind them. Right here, in Arava, about an hour's drive from the Dead Sea and the city of Eilat, is the newest resort of Six Senses Shaharut.

While the hospitality culture of the cities of Northern Israel is flourishing, one of the goals that Six Senses Shaharut must meet is to create something that the rest of the country does not own - a five-star desert resort, in charge of parrying those in Morocco and the Emirates.

Inspired by the structures of semi-nomadic Nabta communities, formerly known as the Negev Homes, the new resort features sixty apartments and villas with swimming pools, spread over 46 hectares of property, created from natural stone, wood, copper and recycled teak, by Israeli artists, potters, weavers who helped in establishing a design language in which interiors evoke the beauties of the wooden Incense Route.

Everything from cheeses, wine and beer, to special bathroom products, is produced by local artisans using local ingredients, which is broadcast even in the vinyl section of the library bar, maximally focused on desert-born music. As a tribute to the history of the region in which the resort was created, once known for camel camps, the new destination has stables with twelve camels, which guests can visit and help with their food, or ride them through the endless dunes of the Negev desert. The official opening of this unique facility is scheduled for June 1 this year, immediately after the lifting of all restrictions caused by the pandemic.

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