Perfect vacation for those with the deepest pockets

Over the past year, we have had more than enough time to fantasize about all the destinations we want to visit…

Exotic islands, world metropolises and top localities came to mind, and money, at least in our imagination, was not a problem. The whole world, in our imagination at least, was ready and just waiting for us to discover it.

Very often, sequels to something magnificent are not as good as the original idea itself, but that is definitely not the case with Richard Branson and his islands. This man has definitely become an expert in the field of the island, after he has already bought several - the latest in his portfolio is Mosquito Island.

This site, not far from Necker Island, was purchased in 2007. The magnificent 125 acres of idyllic estate will give guests the opportunity to enjoy their holidays like the richest people in the world, making available to them the Branson Estate with eleven rooms, which can soon be rented for $ 25,000. In addition to the villa, the rental price includes several recreational areas, such as a water sports center, an infinity pool and bar, a tennis pavilion and a dining area.

If you spend only a few days in this locality, we believe that you will forget all your worries and the sea.

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