Purified air - new amenity of luxury hotels

Traveling during the corona virus pandemic was filled with obstacles…

The first question was - are the borders of the country you want to visit open, and then, what is the situation in that country, can you enjoy it safely and how much can you really explore. However, in order to alleviate our worries to a certain extent, hotels now offer air that is virus-free or purified, as a special convenience to their guests. From HEPA air filtration to options with plasma cleaning systems, many properties now advertise clean air as part of the experience that awaits their guests.

While disinfection protocols are still mandatory in all hotels, just like personal hygiene measures that reduce the possibility of infection, there is no data on how well purified air helps to avoid viruses. According to the American Association of Heating, Cooling and Climate Engineers, “Compared to many other air cleaning or disinfection technologies, bipolar ionization has less documented results to date in terms of cleaning / disinfecting large and rapid amounts of air moving within heating, ventilation and air conditioning. "

As they say, these cleaning technologies are still in development, so they do not have scientific studies that are rigorous, but that certainly does not mean that they are not effective. While air purification by hotels is a welcome move, you may want to wait for the vaccine before embarking on adventures around the world!

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