Royal Mirage Dubai - a true desert jewel

Close to the desert and a few kilometers from the bustling life of Dubai, luxurious and impressive Royal Mirage stands, with the signature of One & Only…

With its magnificent gardens, location by the sea and architecture, this oasis is divided into three parts, with a recognizable design: the Arabian court, palace and residences. Bounded by palms, gardens and fountains, the Royal Mirage Dubai definitely lives up to its name, like a modern palace, intended for casual travelers from all over the world. Here you will have a choice between 231 exceptional rooms and suites, all of which are inspired by oriental culture and have a beautiful view of the bay. Royal Mirage offers 33 superior superior suites, 49 Gold Club rooms, Gold Club suites, but also, above all, two Royal suites.

Elegant and modern, the two Royal Suites at Royal Mirage Dubai feature 325m2 each, consisting of two carefully decorated bedrooms, a separate living room and dining area, connected by a huge balcony overlooking Palm Island.

If you decide to stay at the Royal Mirage Dubai Palace for a while, you can also enjoy its delicious restaurants, miles of beach, as well as golf and tennis courts. There is also a luxury stay in the Residence & Spa section of the hotel.

The premises in Royal Mirage Dubai are among the largest in the world, while its private residences with pronounced Arab influences are as exceptional as the rest of the resort. Their architecture, which consists of vaults, stone and materials typical for the East, ensures a complete change of landscape. Here you can choose between 32 Prestige rooms, 12 Junior suites, 4 Executive suites or the luxurious Garden Villa.

The Garden Villa at the Royal Mirage Dubai Hotel consists of two bedrooms in the most intimate and secluded part of the resort. With its typical oriental architecture, it is bordered by vegetation and has a private entrance to preserve your peaceful vacation. Cumbersome yet warm, it is located just a few steps from the pristine beach and has a private pool with adjustable temperature and a huge terrace with shade.

If you want to discover the magnificence of the Orient, cross its vast desert, swim in its turquoise waters and discover the charm of the city of Dubai, a visit to the Royal Mirage Dubai is the ideal option for you.

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