Saudi Arabia opens another luxurious and amazing hotel

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Luxury glamping company Collective Retreats will open a sustainable focused resort in the snowy mountain destinations of Trojena, Saudi Arabia…

The spectacular year-round Neom Trojena ski village, the brainchild of Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince and Prime Minister, Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud, is taking its final shape. After General Hotel Management Ltd. (GHM) became the second hotel partner for Trojena, the experiential tourism hospitality company Collective Retreats will open a sustainability-focused property in the mountainous region of Neom. Collective Trojena is billed as a next-generation, sustainable retreat featuring around 60 open-air guest rooms dotted with wondrous water features, meeting space concepts, communal campfires to make the most of your location and unrivalled culinary experiences.

As part of a year-round ski destination in northwest Saudi Arabia, Collective Trojena will also cater to outdoor activities such as skiing and snowboarding, high altitude training, paragliding, mountain biking, hiking, water sports and more. "In addition to giving a global audience a new perspective on this spectacular mountain environment, we want to show that luxury travel should not be exclusive and that it is possible to preserve the environment and provide extraordinary experiences to our guests," said CEO and Founder of Collective Retreats, Peter Mack.

Chris Newman, Executive Director of Hotel Development at Neom, added: "With Trojena and Neom collectively being home to some of the finest and most breath-taking scenery, we are delighted to have chosen a partner who shares our ambition to forge a new path for our industry, one characterized by travellers who live in harmony with nature.”

Philippe Gullett, CEO and Regional Director at Trojena, commented: “Since its inception, Collective Retreats has been praised for its innovative thinking and passionate commitment to sustainability, making them an ideal partner for the Trojena Neom project. Collective Retreats will be the outstanding stewards of this new outdoor retreat experience in Trojena and will perfectly complement the environmental and sustainability principles and practices that underpin the Neom project.” Collective Retreats will open its sustainable gates in early 2026, at the same time as The Chedi Trojena.

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