Valentine’s Day is coming close, so we bet all of you are doing your best at planning the perfect romantic day for you and your loved one…

What better place to spend this most romantic day of the year, but the most romantic city of the world – Venice? For this Valentine’s Day, Hotel PalazzinaG in Venice has something really special planed. They are offering a pretty unique package, called Sexy Valentine. This hotel, which was designed by the renewed design expert Philippe Stack, was elected for one of the sexiest and most sensual hotel in the world. It is using its magic to lure visitors to come and stay as long as possible. It is specially dedicated and designed for couples who enjoy their passion and love. The atmosphere is ideal for enjoying this special day or for that matter any day, with your loved one. In here, you can enjoy a special and unique mixture of passion and mystery. Tempting isn’t it?

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