Sneak a peak into the only hotel room with a $200.000 bed

Previously, we have talked about all the steps you need to take to sleep on the famous bed of the Swedish company Hastens - from the handmade procedures, the horsehair used to fill it, to the hand sewing and other details…

It is a process that has been followed since 1852, lasts up to 350 hours and results in beds that come with six-digit prices. With that kind of price, these super luxurious beds are hard to find in hotel rooms. However, since November 20, the Lotte New York Palace Hotel has opened eight suites with different Hastens beds, making it the hotel with the widest range of products of this brand in North and South America. The highlight of the new offering is the Hastens Ultimate Sleep Suite, the only hotel room to feature the latest iteration of the $ 200,000 Vividus bed.

Located on the 43rd floor of the exclusive Tower section of the hotel, the Ultimate Sleep Suite features two bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room and windows through which you can enjoy panoramic views of the city. The premises are equipped with Scandinavian-inspired Hastens decor, along with other decorations by this company. In the corner of the library, you'll find a model of all layers found in handmade beds in a glass box, while towels, sleeping masks and lavender bags in glorious blue-white plaid fabric are found throughout the suite, along with Hastens alpaca bedspreads and cushions created especially for this suite. The second bedroom has two Marangi beds, with plush toys on offer if any kids are going to be guests.

Guests booking the Ultimate Sleep Suite, which costs $ 10,000 per night, will receive a call from a sleep curator prior to their arrival, who will ask them all about their pillow preferences, pajama size and anything else that can make their stay more enjoyable. Upon your arrival, you will receive blue checkered pajamas and comfortable gray slippers to take home, while in the bathroom you can expect slippers, bathrobes and towels which are available for purchase.

Evening enjoyment of chamomile tea is also part of the offer, as is access to other benefits of the Tower suite, such as a private Maybach car, assistance with packing and unpacking. Of course, part of the offer is a 24-hour room service, which will come in handy because once you lie down in this bed, you won't want to get up.

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