If you ever wondered where to use the expression idyllic in the most perfect manner, Tuscany is your answer.

This amazing region in Italy is home to many hotels and resorts, castles and villas. It has an amazing country side and nature, all around. It is beautiful during spring, summer, fall or winter. Some call it heaven on earth, we just call it amazing. This is the region to visit if you love wine, luxury, solitude and relaxation. There is really no better place to be if you’re eager for tasting new wines or vintages which are the most precious treasure of their owners. If you’re into art, architecture and history, this amazing region contains many attractions in the forms of galleries, museums and amazing establishments, built centuries ago. Many famous artist came here for their vacation or when they needed new inspiration, many writers found their story settings right here, many movies were made in this idyllic nature. So, why wouldn’t you visit it? Maybe there is some kind of a hidden talent inside of you, waiting to be discovered, and maybe Tuscany is the best location for discovering it.

If you are going to visit Tuscany on the other hand, there are some things you should know. You shouldn’t expect anything less than pure luxury and comfort in this region. As we have previously said, it is filled with luxury hotels, resorts, castles and villas. We shouldn’t even mention that some of the world’s greatest gourmet restaurants are right here in this area. Your spirit, your soul, your brain, body and your stomach will simply flourish during your stay here, and trust me when I say this, you will have the desire to come back again.

For a completely luxurious vacation in Tuscany, we suggest you to visit one of these luxury hotels…

L’Andana is a historic Tuscan villa with a spa center incorporated. It is settled in the heart of the Maremma countryside, it has amazing architecture with a superb natural backdrop. This luxury hotel offers you impeccable services and comfort. It does not have many rooms, so you know we’re talking about an exclusive hotel. If you visit this luxury hotel’s spa center, you will have the opportunity to enjoy in their bespoke services and amenities like indoor pool, hammam, amazing packages created for couples or singles, depending on how you’re planning to spend your trip. If you’re into sports, you should know that this luxury hotel has a tennis court, small golf course and mountain bike rental service. If you’re more of a lay low and relax type of person, you can relax in a Jacuzzi overlooking the Eden like gardens. Food wise, this luxury hotel serves only the best food, and world renewed chefs give cooking lessons to all of you who are interested.

Forelunga Luxury Hotel and Villas is nested near Siena and Florence, among the tranquil hills and luscious olive groves. This is luxury vintage Italian hotel, blended with modern influences and all the amenities one luxury hotel needs to have. It is the perfect mix of style and comfort, with bespoke luxury noticed in details and rich finishes. In this hotel, you will have the opportunity to taste rich and traditional Italian cuisine, which can be served in beautiful gardens when the weather is nice, or inside in the restaurant filled with windows, so you can enjoy the snow fall. 

Il Salviatino is an amazingly and ravishingly updated villa which originates from the 15th century. It is nested near Florence and it is probably the best location for art aficionados. Inside of this amazing luxury hotel you will find a museum with frescoes, antique bath tubs and some of the most valuable art works which exist nowadays. As far as the décor goes, floors are made of oak, some details are from silver and marble, while fresh flowers are all over the place giving it an amazing ambiance. This luxury hotel has two impeccable restaurants, a bar and a spa center. 

Gallery Hotel Art is a place of true artisan luxury. Everything you see in this luxury hotel can be considered art, from floor to ceiling. All the furniture and fittings have a distinctive style and quality, so does the restaurant and the amazing service which is provided here. Décor is done in a minimalistic style, but still, it reflects luxury and elegance. This modern interior creates an amazing contrast with the exterior which consists of flagstone streets and old architecture wonders. 

Villa Armena luxury hotel is settled in Buonconvento. It has a baroque style in every bedroom. It is called Tuscan premium location because many wealthy tourists and elite visit this place all around the year. This luxury hotel has an amazing wine cellar with some high quality vintages. There’s also a beautiful pool and a little beach outside, so you can enjoy sun in style. Two young chefs run the gourmet restaurant, so be prepared to taste some new and experimental meals.

Castello di Casole luxury hotel in Tuscany is the place for those of you who want to enjoy in Tuscan countryside and nature. This luxury hotel gives you the possibility to make your vacation simply unforgettable. If you’re up to having fun, in this place, you can spend your days making pizza, or dine in elegance at Ristorante Tosca. If you are looking for relaxation and peace, a place that used to be a wine cellar is the place you need to visit. Now, this is an amazing spa center, with vaulted ceilings, restored stone walls and amazing views of the vineyards and valleys. 

Monteverdi hotel is the epitome of a luxury hotel. It’s not just a hotel, it is a village. It consists of cobbled medieval streets, ancient church and a peaceful pool. Century’s old architecture is very intriguing and interesting, very well preserved, just improved. Here, you can enjoy in flower valleys, beautiful smell of season changes. If you like discovering new things, you should try having a traditional Tuscan lunch near the pool, or maybe go investigate the surroundings. You will find a 12th century castle nearby, discovered by the owner. This is a very exclusive luxury hotel, very expensive and reserved for crème de la crème. If you want to visit it, you must make reservations long ahead, since the wait list is very long. Everyone wants to taste the luxury lifestyle, comfort and elegance of a true Italian way of living.

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