Switzerland is all about epic vacations, memories, luxury and comfort. It’s the land of chocolate, cuckoo clocks and amazing nature.


beautiful swiss landscape


It has the perfect surroundings, amazing nature, areas which can be the scenery in a movie about magic and perfect living. This country is smooth, very well organized and sophisticated. If you visit Switzerland, you will see perfectly clean streets, low traffic and many, many people in a good mood. And they have the reason to be in a good mood, since they live in a fairy tale land.

This country is filled with amazing architecture, museums, art galleries, shopping districts and business districts, so basically, everything you need, and you can find it here. If you wonder how to spend your days in this country, check out our list of Switzerland’s top hotels, places to visit and things to see.

Each and every one of these hotels is unique in its own way, even though they may look the same at first. One thing they do have in common though. Luxury. Luxury in fulfilling every need you have, in creating a comfortable ambiance you want and whisking away all your worries. Every city and every area of this country have their own special hotel you should visit and things you should see. So let’s start from the beginning…


hotel palace in luzern


One of the leading luxury hotels in Lucerne, the Palace, most certainly uses all the attributes and advantages. One of them is the perfect location, since this luxury hotel is placed in the heart of a peaceful Alpine panorama, with the views of Lake Lucerne, while still close enough to the city. This hotel was founded in 1906, and still maintains the timeless quality of hospitality combined with all the luxury and modern amenities one hotel needs. It contains 136 bedrooms; all of them lavishly decorated and has state of the art equipment. Cuisine is very important here, so we suggest you to visit two greatest restaurants in this area.


rivage palace hotel


On the shore of Lake Geneva is the Beau Rivage Palace luxury hotel and spa. This luxury hotel offers you accommodations worthy of a king. If you look through your window while staying at this luxury hotel, you will see the Swiss Alps, and their natural tranquility will have a positive effect on you. Luxury Beau Rivage Palace hotel and spa consists of 168 rooms and 34 suites, all of which are richly and tastefully decorated, in a very opulent manner that gives them the sense of old world luxury. This luxury hotel was recently refurbished, so the rooms are now decorated with ultra fine and luxury materials and amenities. If you visit this hotel, we dare you to think of something their staff cannot fulfill…


hotel lenkerhof


Unique, modern and luxury hotel Lenkerhof is a gourmet spa resort in the heart of Switzerland. This luxury hotel dedicated their mission to relaxation and enjoyment of their guests. All the guest who have already been to this hotel always come back wanting more. This luxury hotel will fulfill every need you have, ranging from food options to evening entertainment. It has amazing views over the Wildstrubel mountains, and you are guaranteed to feel close to nature while you stay here. Guests are always encouraged to use the spa services, created to satisfy them in every single way, and afterwards, they should enjoy a gourmet meal in one of its acclaimed restaurants.


dolder grand hotel


This five star luxury hotel Dolder Grand has recently been renovated, or redesigned in a more contemporary manner for younger clientele. It is settled in Zurich, it gives you the opportunity to enjoy extensive views of Lake Zurich and the Alps and it is the perfect place to relax. Every room and suite has enough natural light and they are very stylishly decorated and furbished. Every room has its own character, while modern amenities ensure that every expectation you have comes true. All the bathrooms are made of marble with outstanding luxury fixtures. Every room has its own personal balcony, perfect for watching the sunrise or sunset with someone you love.


amazing resort and spa


Grand Resort Bad Ragaz has been named hotel of the year 2009, and for a good reason. This luxury hotel is a heaven of traditional and contemporary, where culture, history, elegance and hospitality come together. It is located just one hour away from Zurich and it offers you luxury services, even medicinal services so you can always feel great when you visit this place, whatever your reasons are. This luxury hotel has an outstanding Business&Events Center, where celebrations and business meetings take place.


beautiful arosa kulm hotel


The luxury Arosa Kulm hotel is nestled in the fairy tale like scenery of the Swiss Alps. This luxury hotel consists of 109 rooms; every one of them has very personal and dedicated service, provided by their highly trained staff. Several restaurants are included or very close to this palace of luxury, each and every one of them has a different theme, so you can enjoy your stay, while eating in a new and different place every day. This luxury hotel has a Kids Club also, so grownups can be free to do grownup things, while the kids are safe having fun with trained personal.


keminski grand hotel


The Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains is a leading 5 star hotel in St Moritz. It is highlighted by its superb services in everything, ranging from restaurants to the spa center. The secret of this luxury hotel is the combination of the past, present and future in their design. If you’re into sports or you just want to lie down and relax, this is the perfect place for you. Spa center which is incorporated in this luxury hotel is prepared to take away your daily pressures of life, everything that makes you anxious and take you to an imaginary land of tranquility and piece.


family friendly firefly hotel


Luxury hotel Firefly in Zermatt is truly on of a kind. All the rooms in this luxury hotel follow a specific design theme, consisting of the four natural elements, earth, wind, fire and water. Colors and designed furniture are created and chosen in a manner that fits right in with the theme, so they could create a welcoming atmosphere in every room. Every room has its own modern kitchen, so you don’t have to go out to a restaurant if you are in a mood for a private dinner with your partner. This luxury hotel also contains a spa center, with treatments made for singles or couples. If you like swimming, you will love the pool in this luxury hotel, because it has an amazing view over the mountain ranges.


carlton hotel in switzerland


This fabulous and luxury hotel, which was renovated back in 2007, was the first luxury boutique hotel in St Moritz. It consists of 60 suites and every one of them has an amazing view over the Lake St Moritz. This new edition so to speak, gives you the feeling of luxury, ease, privacy and comfort with every step you take inside this hotel. Celebrated designer Carlo Rampazzi is the one to be held responsible for the new design. Guests also have the option of visiting premium spa center in this luxury hotel and enjoy every treatment they desire. Gourmet cuisine is a big part of this hotel, so only the best ingredients are used in the preparation process. After a few days in this heaven, you will be spoiled for the rest of your life, waiting for the opportunity to come back again.


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