The most beautiful hotel of the world became even more gorgeous

While many have spent the pandemic period in boredom, thinking how to fill their days, there are those who have turned the whole situation to their advantage…

One of Southeast Asia’s most popular hotels, Datai Langkawi, introduced its new face to the world after a year-long renovation process. The cult site has been refreshed by a harmonious renovation, while at the same time remaining true to its identity, which is why it proudly bears the status of an icon. The renovation project was led by Didier Lefort from the award-winning Parisian studio DL2A, together with the Australian architect, Kerry Hill.

Set within a 10-million-year-old virgin rainforest, bordered by the sparkling and pristine waters of the Andaman Sea, the 121-room hotel integrates perfectly with lush vegetation and everything that surrounds it. Divided into three families of luxury accommodation - Canopy, Rainforest and Beach, Datai Langkawi Hotel offers an incredible experience in the heart of nature, characterized by an incredible dose of privacy. The constant openness to natural elements further strengthened the need to use local materials and a palette of colors that evoke the flora.

At the heart of sophistication and authenticity, the hotel attracts lovers of luxury and nature at the same time, who are looking for something truly unique - created by the famous naturalist Irshad Mobarak, the new Nature Center invites guests to discover wildlife and local flora, in dedicated laboratories or during entertaining and enriching discoveries. Golf lovers are not left out, because the hotel has one of the best courses in Southeast Asia, which was created as a work of the legendary golfer, Ernie Els.

Datai Langkawi also puts sustainable development at the heart of its concept: upon arrival, guests will receive stainless steel water bottles, which change plastic variants, otherwise used during adventure excursions. The local Permaculture garden produces its own organic fruits and vegetables, which are served in four nearby restaurants, while bamboo straws have replaced plastic ones.

The icing on the cake is definitely the spa, divided into five elegant villas, which showcases the use of Malaysian herbs. Holistic treatments were accompanied by the undisputed expertise of the internationally known expert in this field, Bastien Gonzalez, who turned the manicure-pedicure treatment into a real art.

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