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As the year draws to a close and the snow days are slowly coming, favorite winter ritual, apart from enjoying the hot chocolate is definitely fun in the snow ...

People from around the world travel to the world-famous snow-covered mountains. However, if you do not want to ski with beginners and you dream of a luxurious winter wonderland - we offer you the opportunity to choose one (which will be very difficult, trust us) from our list of the five most expensive winter resorts in the world. The ski resorts already have a reputation, they are well-known and appreciated for decades because of their attention to guests, and because they offer excellent services and amenities.

#5. Almhof Schneider Resort

Location: Lech, Austria

Price: 1.666 dollars for one night

This resort offers you the perfect kitchen with clean Austrian specialties, which are served in their private restaurant, spa center of world-class, as well as the most comfortable and the most luxurious apartments in the Arlberg ski area. This resort offers you a sports instructors, who are willing to turn all the newcomers into a winter champions. If by any chance you go there, be sure to try their famous caviar, which is one of the most expensive but also the most delicious items from their menu.

#4. Carlton Hotel

Location: St Moritz, Switzerland

Price: 3.310 dollars for one night

This hotel is over a hundred years old, meaning that it definitely has the right way to attract visitors, despite their high prices. This is a traditional place that skiers and winter sports lovers visit every year, and it offers the best winter adventures and the best apartments of Switzerland. This resort has a view of the picturesque Lake St. Maurice, which makes it a perfect mix of adrenaline and peace.

#3. Suvretta House Resort

Location: St Moritz, Switzerland

Cena: 3.595 dollars for one night

This resort proudly carries the title of the most modern ski center with heated lockers, ski shop, which contains the latest equipment and ski school for all guests who are new to this sport and want to try and feel that adrenaline. A large number of people is fascinated with a view from their bedroom and dining room. If you visit this resort, be sure to bring a ceremonial gown and visit their glamorous winter ball.

#2. Aurelio Lech Ski Resort

Location: Lech, Austria

Cena: 6.176 dollars for one night

This resort with brilliant spa and five stars is most exclusive throughout Austria. If you visit this resort, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the luxury and comfort similar to the one that world-class hotels have to offer, combined with the grandeur and ambience perfect private residence with mountain views. This resort also offers a personal butler.

#1. Les Suites de la Potiniere

Location: Courchevel, France

Cena: 10.295 dollars for one night

Our last snow destination is in France and is actually the most expensive winter resort in the world. Located in Courchevel, this resort a has the most exclusive ski slopes in France. Luxury apartments, restaurants and world-class spa centers in which hedonism and enjoyment is a reason that brought this place to the top of our list when we talk about luxury, convenience and price. This place really gives you superior service, and will therefore make your holiday nothing less than perfect.

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