The World’s Most Expensive Boutique Hotels and Their Peculiarities


What are the most expensive boutique hotels? What are their unique features? Learn more exciting facts about these hotels right here in this post.

Boutique hotels are among the most luxurious places in the world. But why do so many people decide to spend at least a night in these amazing places? What peculiarities do these hotels have? Find out the answers to these questions and even more facts in this post.

Before Exploring The Most Expensive Hotels

When looking for information about the most expensive boutique hotels, you might suddenly discover that some of them might suddenly be found not very far from your local area. This way, you might want to book a room for a weekend or arrange an amazing vacation for yourself and your loved ones. But what if you are a busy student with a lack of free time? Is there anyone who can essay write for me? This issue might make you worry. However, you can easily find a reliable academic writing service online and improve your academic performance. Meanwhile, get ready to relax in one of these incredible boutique hotels.

Atlantis Paradise (Bahamas)

If you dream about having an unforgettable rest in a luxurious place on a sunny beach, this hotel might perfectly fit all your needs. Being one of the most exclusive, expensive, and feature-rich places in the Caribbean, this hotel is a true paradise for hundreds of tourists. Although the price per night is not very budget-friendly, the hotel is worth its money.

You will have an opportunity to enjoy the great relaxing options offered by 11 different swimming pools, have fun in a huge water park, and try delicious dishes in more than 20 restaurants. If you love sports, you can visit a tennis court, golf club, or go to the gym. Of course, there are also countless spa-related facilities to make your stay gorgeous.

The hotel is a perfect fit both for families and individuals travelling with friends. It has everything any kid might need, as well as a busy nightlife for hot parties. To put it short, the territory of Atlantis Paradise is like a small city with a whopping number of different relaxing solutions for any need and taste.

The Plaza (New York City)

If you are not a fan of the beach recreation but would like to stay in the centre of the big city, The Plaza is right here for you. This luxurious hotel is located in the heart of New York City, right near the world-famous Rockefeller Center.

The hotel offers only premium five-star services to all its guests, making your stay absolutely relaxing and comfortable. Being a top place for many travelling celebrities and pop stars, the Plaza is also one of the favourite places for many world leaders, influencers, and politicians. Although the hotel welcomed its first guests in 1969, it is a modern building with a top-notch design and all the innovative conveniences available.

The Palms (Las Vegas)

This hotel is a perfect temporary residence for those who are fond of gambling. If you can’t imagine your life without casinos and the excitement of playing different games, the Palmas is waiting for you.

This hotel is located in Las Vegas and remains one of the most promising city projects. The building was recently renovated to meet all the modern requirements. It is an extremely expensive place to stay. The reason is that it has an exclusive design with the artworks of world-famous artists, Michelin-starred luxury restaurants, and other awesome advantages. There is also an enormous casino opened 24/7, where you can spend your time and money, as well as try to hit the jackpot. By the way, the hotel can also boast of having a great collection of whiskey you can try anytime and everywhere.

Mardan Palace (Turkey)

If you don’t mind travelling to Europe, it’s time to visit Turkey. Antalya, one of the most well-known and crowded Turkish resorts, welcomes its guests in a huge Mardan Palace hotel. Currently, this place is the most expensive resort in Europe.

Why do people enjoy staying at this hotel? This place has only 560 rooms, most booked in advance, especially during the hot season. You can enjoy fantastic spa facilities, swim in a big pool, and get sunburnt on a unique personal beach. Not to mention, the sand on the beach was transported from Egypt to ensure the maximum comfort of all the guests.

Smooth and cosy furniture, creative design, and exclusive cuisine of different countries will allow you to have a fantastic weekend or vacation.

However, the list of the most expensive hotels above is not complete. There are also many other outstandingly expensive tourist spots in many countries. This includes Burj Al Arab in the United Arab Emirates, Westin Excelsior in Italy, Riad Kheirredine in Morocco, Relais & Chateaux Hotel Heritage in Belgium, Arctic Light Hotel in Finland, and Velaa Private Island near the Maldives.

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