Unique holiday villas in Bali

Known for their unique, airy design aesthetic, Kengo Kuma & Associates are planning to transform Balinese rocks for their latest project…

Light and airy, Tsubomi Villas is a set of six pavilions, yoga studios and greenhouses, which will be completed this year. The design for this organic space set reflects the meaning behind the name of this project, Tsubomi, which in Japanese means "bud" as the villas seem to open from the forest floor. As a result, the open architecture emits soothing sensations, which ideally blends in with the exotic Bali environment.

As this is a project of over 20,000 square feet, architects had the difficult task of enhancing the already mesmerizing landscape. With views overlooking Indonesia's southernmost coast, architects created luxury wood and glass villas, blurring the lines between exterior and interior, architecture and landscape, creating the perfect oasis.

Does a vacation in one of these villas seem tempting?

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