Villa d'Este - glamour on the shores of Lake Como

When you see the Villa d'Este for the first time, you will feel like you've wandered into a glamorous film from the 1950s...

Your skin will cover and you will want to get there as soon as possible. Located on the shores of beautiful Lake Como, Villa d'Este is a place where guests are welcome since 1873, and has impeccable service, stunning gardens, brocade of silk and decorated furniture. This place looks like it comes from dreams, so it combines classic luxury with modernism with comfort and incredible pool.

As part of this glamorous resort there are 152 beautiful rooms, which are spread between two historic buildings dating back to the 16th century. Earlier, this used to be summer home to the Cardinal. The two "newer" villas that are part of the estate, Villa Malakoff and Villa Cima, were built during the 1800s. Massive Cardinal suite is the best room in this richly decorated hotel, with stunning views and over 100 m2 deluxe room.

The time you spend in the Villa d'Este can be quite fun too. You can relax and swim in the enchanting pool, you can go surfing or sailing, skiing, or you can simply let all the charms of this place whisk you away and enjoy everything that you offered and available. When you're done with all of your daily activities, you can visit the spa, which includes a sophisticated Turkish bath with which you will easily fall in love.

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