Villa Sonata – hidden jewel in Phuket

Pearl of the Andaman archipelago and the largest Thailand island, Phuket, is characterized by impressive and long beaches, dramatic rocky formations and a landscape which has been attracting tourists from all over the world…

Even though most tourists see Phuket as an adventure island, here, you can find a plethora of traditional authentic places which discover a completely different dimension of it, romantic and tucked in lush vegetation of exotic palms and banana leaves.

When you wish to find peace or be isolated from curious views and crowds, Villa Sonata, a private villa resort, which is tucked in the heart of Chalong like a hidden jewel, is the perfect choice for you. You’ll instantly realize why this resort with 21 villas is a perfect paradise for relaxing your body and soul.

Like its name hints, Sonata seems to be singing a song which charms with its melodic design and character. Once you set foot in the lobby of this complex, you’ll notice that several designer themes switch in this cyclical composition, thus creating a harmonic synergy. Fusion of modern with elements of traditional, industrial and bohemian romantic style is skillfully emitting a melody, which leaves no one indifferent. Large black and white tiles have been perfectly integrated in traditional hanging swings, marble counter, lighting and multicolored decorative pillows.

21 villas are at your disposal and depending on the type of accommodation you want, you can choose Sonata duplex and Sonata suite.

Sonata duplex spans across 101 m2, it has its’ own private pool, a spacious living room, with dining room and kitchen on the ground level, while the upper level contains night zone, bedroom with king size bed and a bathroom with a shower and bathtub.

Wood dominates this space like the most noble natural material which makes the interior of these villas more comfortable and warm upon first gaze. Even though the furniture is modern, with sleek and crisp lines, this space is decorated with many traditional details like woven table lamps and chandeliers, as well as ethnic motives which can be seen on decorative pillow cases. Romantic bohemian mood is further complemented with a large bed canopy, which emits that “royal” feeling. Also, here you can see traditional handmade artefacts, which are perfect details for accentuating the walls of this interior. 

Unlike the duplex, Sonata suite has just a few square meters’ smaller surface, 103 m2. Guests will be charmed with open space this place offers upon their first view, which integrates living room, dining room and kitchen, while the living room opens up towards the terrace and pool which are only yours and await you with comfy lounges.

Bedroom is separated from the living room with interesting wooden doors, where the minimalist bathroom also awaits, with its black and white design combination. From here, you can as well directly reach your own private pool.

Coloristic outline in both types of villas are neutral shades like beige, white and gray, which are perfectly combined with wooden furniture and natural materials of the upholstery decorated with modern turquoise blue accents or ethnic prints on carpets. Geometric pattern breaks the simplicity of the dining room chairs and it gives you the opportunity to enjoy in a real sea inspired space.

Do not miss out on the chance of tasting real Thai culinary skills in a restaurant which is a true exemplar of industrial style. Combination of wrought iron, wooden floors, marble and wicker chairs creates a chic space, where you’ll gladly enjoy seasoned Thai gastronomy, with Asian and international cuisines at your disposal as well.

If you have an urge for some extra adrenaline, in this resort you can visit the gym with all its modern equipment, so you can stay in shape even on vacation!

It is really hard to transpose the feeling you get while staying in this magical and relaxing place on paper, but we hope we brought you a little bit closer to discovering it with our impressions. 

This piece of Eden, hidden and made just for you, must be lived, felt and explored in person, with all your senses. You’ll be charmed with the lovely staff, while the collision of contrast created in here is the melody which won’t leave you indifferent…

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