Villa Trisara - your holiday home in paradise

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Villa Trisara is an incredibly luxurious property located in Phuket, which offers an ideal place to enjoy and relax.

Indeed, if you are looking for the perfect place to help you see the serenity of the world again, Villa Trisara is perfect for you, thanks to its natural environment of stunning purity and its complete isolation!

Villa Trisara is located in the middle of 52 hectares of forest on the northwest coast of Phuket. This luxurious property, isolated from two capes and hidden by an imposing forest, is accessible by a small rural road. Despite complete isolation, Villa Trisara is only 5 minutes from Nai Thon and only fifteen minutes from the resorts of Layan and Laguna.

To find serenity, enjoy one of the most beautiful and remote beaches of Phuket, Naithon which is located a few steps from the villa. Built on three different levels, Villa Trisara gives you a beautiful view and absolute privacy. The villa shows a very sophisticated and elegant architectural style. Completely equipped with antiques from South Asia, Villa Trisara is a unique and exotic property.

Villa Trisara, specially designed to accentuate local beauty and ocean views from five bedrooms, different terraces and pools, is located on a plot with a total area of ​​3,968 m 2, offering you such large spaces: 749 m 2 space with air conditioning and 1,328 m 2 terraces and open spaces.

Villa Trisara is designed to provide maximum comfort, and has large bedrooms with large beds, spacious bathrooms filled with natural light and a huge pool that gives it a soft and airy atmosphere.

The perfect balance between the interior with tropical accents and the luxurious exterior of the villa makes it a unique and privileged place to relax in peace. Villa Trisara is selling for only $ 9.75 million. The extraordinary serenity it gives you is priceless!

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