Working again: El San Juan Hotel in Puerto Rico

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Following the recovery of two hurricanes and a $ 125 million renovation, the El San Juan Hotel has joined the Fairmont Collection…

With its hand-carved mahogany ceilings, cabaret stage, magnificent crystal chandeliers and 300-year-old Banyan wood, the beachfront El San Juan Hotel in Puerto Rico has been the epitome of a long-standing luxury era for many years. Now, after two renovations worth more than $ 125 million, the historic hotel has been revived to fit perfectly with the standards of modern travellers too. As part of its regeneration, the iconic hotel has joined the Fairmont Hotels & Resorts collection, which includes magnificent properties such as The Savoy in London and The Plaza in New York.

The $ 60 million renovation in 2017 brought back a piece of old glamor, in the form of 388 redesigned apartments, bungalows and villas, four beautifully restored swimming pools, a nightclub, a boutique and a three-story wellness center. Still, Hurricanes Maria and Irma managed to undo all that progress, just two months after completing the renovation process, leading to a new recovery, costing about $ 65 million.

Despite all the adversity, the hotel returned to the scene with a vibrancy that defied the glory years of the 1950s, leading to a partnership with the Fairmont Group. Completely restored, the hotel is ready to welcome its first guests this year, offering them a long-lived life that everyone is happy to remember.

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