Would you like to sleep above the ocean?

This luxury resort will make it happen!

There is nothing better than dozing off with the gentle sound of the waves, and a chance to enjoy that spectacle is given to you by Grand Park Kodhipparu resort in Maldives. As a part of a very unique, luxurious offering, this hotel calls its guest to take a break from the world in their unique overwater net “beds”. This offer has been a true hit among travelers, which is also confirmed by our Instagram feed. People from all over the world come here just to relax and enjoy themselves in magic.

Located on its own island in the north Male Atoll, Grand Park Kodhipparu resort in Maldives is just 20 minutes away from the airport by boat. It consists of 120 villas, and most of them are located above water, while some are set on the beach. Sought after net beds above water can be enjoyed in villas which face water and one night in them costs 400 dollars.

Commenting the famous beds, Arushi Gupta, marketing manager of this resort, said: “Each villa, aside from those located on the beach, has its own net bed which is one of the most popular spots. We got really positive comments of our guests who have tried them so far”.

Villas above water are a true hit in the Maldives and many resorts create them in order to attract more guests. Two years ago, Soneva Jani resorts revealed its luxurious 1 BHK villa with a waterslide which managed to capture the attention of the whole world in a matter of days. It seems that water and luxury go hand in hand, don’t you think?

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