Luxury hotel in the Bahamas invites us to travel care-free

And while the tourism industry is slowly getting back on its feet after the worst year for travel, flights are slowly starting to book and more and more people want to visit some remote part of the world, the insecurity caused by the pandemic is still really strong in many of us…

Also, long lists of regulations and preventive measures have been imposed on us, which we must respect, and which often differ from country to country. For many passengers, it is mandatory to have a negative result of the Covid-19 PCR test, which is at most 72 hours old. Due to such a strict rule, but also the high price of PCR test on personal request, many resorts have started to offer testing as part of their packages to all their guests. However, one resort decided to entertain its guests in a completely different way, if by any chance they are positive for coronavirus.

Located in the Bahamas, the Baha Mar resort consists of three separate hotels - Rosewood, SLS and Grand Hyatt, while offering its guests a range of swimming pools and restaurants, a spa and a casino. The resort fully opened its doors to international visitors the previous month, with a number of security protocols in place, including a rapid antigen test in a private lodge upon arrival. The rapid test is done in addition to a negative PCR test, which, along with insurance and a health visa, is a requirement of the Bahamas government for visitors from the rest of the world.

However, if guests are positive for the virus when arriving or leaving this resort, thanks to the new Travel with Confidence program, they will have to be quarantined for 14 days or until a negative PCR test result is obtained, which will be carried out in the resort, outside the package paid for. A similar thing applies to people who need to head to their home or another destination - a few days before departure, they will have to take a test and if they are positive, they will receive a free stay of 14 days in a suite in the same hotel where they were accommodated until then.

In either case, since guests must be locked in their apartments, they will receive a $ 150 lunch credit that can be used to order meals from selected resort restaurants. If the guest wants to move on immediately, Baha Mar Resort will hire an authorized medical transport provider, who will arrange a private plane to fly to the desired destination, at no additional cost.

"At a time when the climate for travel is changing from moment to moment, our goal is to reduce our guests' worries about Covid-19, to provide each of them with a healthy environment, safety and comfort," said Graham Davis, President. Baha Mar. "Our Travel with Confidence program is the first of its kind in this industry, providing tourists with additional peace and tranquillity, with the option of safe return home or quarantine, at no additional cost."

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