New luxury hotel on the coast of Qatar

Eco-floating hotel in Qatar raises the bar of quality in the field of tourism and travel…

Powered by solar and wind energy, this hotel has tidal sustainability mechanisms, as well as a rotating restaurant from which you will be able to enjoy the best views. Created as the work of Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio, the hotel will measure approximately 35,000 square meters, with 152 guest rooms. The giant donut-shaped structure has been given a lush green cover integrated into its exterior, with an enchanting indoor waterfall and a huge vortex-shaped glass roof.

Sustainability exists at the very core of the project, while all the design details are focused on just that. The vortex shape of the roof will actually be used to store rainwater that will be used for irrigation, while solar panels and wind turbines will provide clean energy. Even the flow of water can be used by tidal energy systems - when the hotel rotates, it produces energy in a similar way as a generator. The hotel also intends to purify seawater and process its wastewater so that it cannot harm the natural environment at all.

When it comes to waste management, the architectural study team decided to develop waste separation units for efficiency and use them as fertilizer in their landscape architecture. In order to create maximum benefits aimed at maintaining ecological balance, the hotel will use a method of green energy production called vawtau, which works on the principle of a wind turbine on the vertical axis and has the function of an umbrella on the coastal section.

Up to 25 kW of electricity can be obtained from each of the 55 watt modules that use the wind flow caused by the difference in land and sea temperature as its main operating principle. The greenery will help regulate the temperature, while also maintaining the natural flow of air. The hotel will be located close to the coast, and guests will be able to reach it with the help of a series of platforms, docks, boats or helicopters. The rotating platform will move really slowly - one revolution will last 24 hours, which means that guests will not feel dizzy, but just enjoy the amenities, such as a spa, swimming pool, mini golf and gym.

The rotating motion is controlled by a dynamic positioning system, consisting of a series of thrusters and propellers, which are similar to those that help ships follow their course. The luxury lobby of seven hundred square meters is located in the very center of the project, and contains transparent vertical surfaces that let in natural light and create a relaxing effect. Each room comes with its own balcony and will offer different perspectives of the hotel and its surroundings, slowly rotating. As we find out, this hotel, for now in the concept phase, can become a part of our reality by 2025.

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