How Did Mark Zuckerberg Celebrate His 40th Birthday?


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As a true centimillionaire, Mark Zuckerberg celebrated his 40th birthday by flying to Panama on his private jet to board his $300 million superyacht, 'Launchpad'...

First came the multi-million dollar gifts, followed by a grand celebration for centimillionaire Mark Zuckerberg, who made quite a spectacle for his 40th birthday! The Meta CEO finally blew out the candles on his latest acquisition and star-studded gift, the superyacht Launchpad, a luxurious Feadship vessel worth $300 million, which he reportedly purchased a few weeks earlier. Representatives for Zuckerberg never confirmed his ownership, but several clues further fueled the rumors. Zuckerberg himself posted a video from his private jet on Instagram with the caption, "Travel mode: on."

According to Zuck Jet, an Instagram account that tracks Mark Zuckerberg's private jet movements, his Gulfstream G650 landed near Panama City after flying 5,300 kilometers from Moffett Federal Airfield. According to Zuck Jet, this trip produced 31 tons of CO2, equivalent to what two Americans produce in a year. The plane landed at the same time his fleet of yachts arrived.

According to AIS data of his leisure vessel, the 387-foot Launchpad yacht and its $30 million support vessel Wingman both arrived in Panama on Monday from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Apart from its maiden voyage across the Atlantic in March, the motor yacht Launchpad hadn't made any trips, likely waiting for a special occasion, and here it was!

His better half, Priscilla Chan, made the event unforgettable by taking the tech magnate down memory lane. According to his social media post, the mother of his children recreated several places where the 40-year-old had lived during his early days, from his childhood room to his Harvard dorm and first apartment, even Pinocchio's Pizzeria, where he spent a lot of time during his student days. This was a wonderful way to show their daughters how their father lived and grew through each decade, the power of hard work, and how it made him the wealthy father he is today.

Among the many guests from around the world was one special tech magnate, centimillionaire Bill Gates. The Microsoft co-founder shared a story congratulating Zuckerberg on his milestone birthday along with a heartfelt picture of the two legendary American businessmen enjoying moments reminiscent of simpler days. News of superyachts and their ownership has been swirling around these two magnates in recent weeks. Gates was in the spotlight for Project 821, the world's greenest megayacht, which he no longer owns; on the other hand, Zuckerberg reportedly bought not one but two stunning yachts.

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