Hermes on clearance? Only in China!

Have you ever dreamed of wearing a Rolex on your wrist?

You’ve probably also fantasized about flaunting the city streets with the latest Birkin or Kelly models on hand. If incredibly high prices have led you to stay only in the world of imagination, instead of heading towards the reality of shopping, we have one trick that can help you experience all the luxury you have ever wanted. The key to satisfying your material desires is Alibaba Sifa Paimai Judicial Auction - a sub-platform of the Chinese online sales giant, which contains a wide range of items confiscated from criminals.

So you can finally get that long-awaited Rolex by paying only a fraction of the price for it - the only thing that can stop you from being a part of the auction is the fact that it once belonged to a convicted criminal. Open-minded buyers who do not care about previous owners can make the most of this platform, where Cartier watches, Hermes bags, Range Rover SUV models, and even properties in China can be found. According to the rumours, there are more than 1,200 Hermes pieces, and most of them are Birkin and Kelly models.

The buying process on this platform is more than simple - buyers compete for the goods confiscated from people who have broken the law, most often smugglers and those who have declared bankruptcy. The court, police stations and customs organize such actions. We must emphasize that the site usually contains verified pieces, but the platform itself is not responsible if you end up with a fake.

We will show you an example of how this works - a white Himalayan Birkin bag sold for around $ 63,720 in November. The same bag sold for $ 139,944 in 2019. The Constance wallet sold for $ 6,171, while at the official Hermes boutique you have to pay almost three times more for it. The calculation is pretty clear...

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