Jacquemus pop-up comes to lake Como


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In a mesmerizing blend of French charm and Italian elegance, Simon Port Jacquemus, founder of the avant-garde French fashion house Jacquemus, found a colourful canvas on Lake Como.

Here, amidst a breath-taking landscape, the French brand presented its latest venture: a pop-up store in a space traditionally managed by luxury retailer Tessabit.

Tessabit, founded by the Molteni family in 1953, is known for operating more than ten stores along the tranquil shores of Lake Como. This new collaboration offers an intriguing blend of heritage and modernity.


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Covering an area of 60 square meters, the pop-up shop will be open until October 16 and showcases the "Ete" capsule collection deeply inspired by the allure of the French Riviera, a theme that often runs through the Jacquemus brand's designs.

Simon Port was born and raised in Salon de Provence in the south of France and it's no wonder that all his collections are inspired by an endless vacation under the Mediterranean sun. His affection for the Riviera can be seen in signature styles in women's and men's ready-to-wear, handbags and hats. The "Ete" collection features exclusive colours such as yellow and natural earth tones, which reflect the vibrant hues of the perfect summer.

The store is inspired by Italian aesthetics, with vintage wooden furniture and classic mosaic floors. Adding to the charm are the sun-shaped metal sculptures that dominate the windows, complementing the collection's statement pieces of jewellery. The straw-covered shutters add to the summer spirit of the collection, creating a harmonious synergy between the collection and its surroundings.

This fashion story was announced by Simon Port on the Instagram profile of the brand in an attractive way. He published a video with a view of the lake on which a gigantic model of the Le Bambino bag in yellow “cruises"!


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