Kylie Jenner Introduces Elegant Sets for Khy Drop 004

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More photos

Khy, a brand led by Kylie Jenner, has just unveiled Drop 004, a collection showcased in a minimalist Paris-shot campaign that stands out for its versatility from day to evening combinations...

This collection features Kylie posing alongside models, highlighting the blend of simplicity and sophistication present in every piece. The latest release, characterized by its affordable, understated luxury, sticks to a palette of neutral tones, ensuring each piece can easily be integrated into different wardrobes.

From a chic one-shoulder top paired with a skirt to elegant dresses, the designs echo a theme of understated elegance without the high price tag. From an all-black look to a cream-colored combination, the designs offer muted chic.

Drop 004 offers a capsule collection of ten pieces that explore the textures and forms of three different materials: Sueded Stretch, known for its soft touch; Sleek Stretch, which offers adaptable yet flexible fit. Then there's Mesh Stretch, adding a hint of allure with its slight sheerness. This variety of materials underscores the collection's commitment to blending comfort with style.

Launched exclusively on from February 28th, the collection is aimed at a wide audience, with sizes ranging from XXS to 4XL.

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