Cara Delevingne is Eco-Chic in Stella McCartney's Summer Ad

BeFunky-collage124 (1).jpg

In a striking gesture of environmental advocacy, Stella McCartney has enlisted supermodel and actress Cara Delevingne for her summer 2024 campaign...

The photographs were captured by Harley Weir at a recycling center in South London. This setting reflects the unwavering commitment of the famed designer to sustainability, mirroring the brand's mission and the eco-activist spirit of the blonde model. The campaign showcases Delevingne in contrasting styles: in one image, she appears almost naked, veiled by the iconic Falabella bag in multiple styles.

In another, she wears a relaxed pink suit paired with a vibrant yellow lace blouse, showcasing the laid-back chic synonymous with Stella McCartney's design philosophy. The choice of location for the shoot is symbolic, highlighting the necessity of recycling and reuse in the fashion industry and serves as a poignant backdrop against which the brand's sustainability efforts are highlighted, especially its pioneering use of recycled cashmere since 2016 and the celebration of the Falabella tote's 15th anniversary.

This collaboration marks another milestone for Delevingne, who earlier this year graced the spring ads for MCM, continuing her influential presence in the fashion world.

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