Etro Collection for Winter 2023: Bohemian Romance in Scotland

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More photos

Etro campaign for Fall-Winter 2023, set against the stunning backdrop of Scotland, embodies a fusion of natural beauty and bohemian elegance...

Captured by Zhong Lin, the campaign features models Sun Mizrahi and Nathaniël Ortiz, who effortlessly embody the spirit of Etro's latest collection. Creative Director Marco De Vincenzo's designs shine in each photograph, celebrating the elegance of fabrics and the timeless charm of paisley patterns. Among the highlighted pieces are the chic Vela mini bag and a beautiful long shirt-dress adorned with ribbons and gracefully layered skirt, showcasing the brand's commitment to detail and luxury.

The versatility of the collection is evident in its range, from the playful charm of an orange floral print dress that seems to dance in the wind, to the classic yet contemporary plaid coat paired with a polka dot top.

These pieces not only illustrate Etro's ability to combine patterns in unexpectedly harmonious ways, but also reflect the brand's dedication to creating stylized and wearable fashion. The Scottish backdrop serves as a contrast to the fairy-tale inspiration of the Spring 2023 advertising campaign.

Rounding out the creative team, the Etro Fall 2023 campaign is completed with styling by Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, natural makeup by Ammy Drammeh, and casually wavy hair by hairstylist Pierpaolo Lai. The latest campaign from this designer brand celebrates artistic collaboration, where clothing, landscape, and talent converge to create a captivating visual story.

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