How to open champagne the right way


Champagne should be opened with a bang, right? Well, actually, that famous sound is a sign that the champagne has been opened by an amateur. When champagne is opened by experts, the sound of the pop is very quiet, or non-existent. Here's how to open a bottle of champagne like a pro:

Chill it well – perfectly chilled champagne will splash and overflow less.

Dry the bottle with a cloth or towel - if there is condensation on the bottle, be sure to wipe it off so you can hold it nicely.

Cut the foil - first use a knife, then use your fingers to peel off the rest.

Tilt and Aim – Tilt the bottle at a 45-degree angle, aim it away from yourself, others or anything breakable.

Hold the tampon - hold the tampon with one hand, while you remove the wire cage from it with the other.

Listen - the sound of escaping air is a sign that the bottle has been opened.

That big pop when opening champagne is a fun addition to celebrations and parties, but champagne that is opened slowly and quietly will have more bubbles and taste better.

Once you've opened your champagne, it's time to pour it. To preserve its texture and bubbles, pour it using the same technique as beer - down the side of a tilted glass.


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