Bronzetto Presents a New Collection of Lamps Inspired by the Aristocratic Beauty of Italian Gardens

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Bronzetto, a company known for its dedication to creating beauty through customized projects and unique creations, has introduced its new collection of outdoor lamps and furniture named EDEN.

The inspiration for this collection comes from the aristocratic and harmonious beauty of Italian gardens, a tradition that dates back to Roman times, particularly the Renaissance era when gardens were conceived as places of enjoyment and regeneration, inspired by classical ideals of order and beauty.

The new product line, named Traforo, is part of the EDEN collection that was presented today to the Italian and international markets. This line was originally developed as a custom project to enrich the Italian garden surrounding the well-maintained boutique Hotel Passalaqua on Lake Como, owned by the De Santis family, which in 2023 topped the list of the world's 50 best hotels.

From design comes beauty - to achieve the absolute beauty of Hotel Passalaqua, the property relied on the advice and work of the most exclusive brands and skilled craftsmen, among which Bronzetto was not lacking. The company was tasked with creating several brass products of the finest quality and original design, which were placed in many of the hotel's interior and exterior spaces.

Working together with architects and designers, Bronzetto has been able to express the skills and manufacturing capabilities acquired over more than 60 years of history, designing and creating a line intended for the total enhancement of the hotel's green spaces, the winter garden lounge, and the path that leads to the spa.

The Traforo Line from the EDEN Collection

All lamps that are part of the Traforo line feature a very textural and unique finish, namely burnished brass. Eden is divided into a series of special products such as floor and wall lanterns, pendant lamps, streetlamps, and step markers. Many models are enriched with a perforated design that contributes to the diffusion of a very soft and welcoming light, ideal for creating a warm and elegant atmosphere. Their aesthetics discreetly but clearly evoke the atmospheres of distant Arabian and Moroccan areas.

Every variation of the EDEN Traforo outdoor lamps has been made using the very complex technique of laser cutting on a sphere or cylinder, depending on whether it was the pendant chandelier or the wall or floor lamps. The laser cutting of brass performed by Bronzetto craftsmen ensures optimal results, following the design specifications with utmost precision. Brass, in fact, compared to other materials, has higher values of hardness, fusibility, and resilience and is therefore particularly suitable for the most daring applications in design. Thanks to this precise technique, the openwork pattern chosen by the customer was reproduced in an exact manner.

Technique and Aesthetics of the EDEN Collection

The technique of laser cutting, used in the creation of products from the EDEN Traforo line, allows for high precision in the processing of brass, a material known for its strength and resistance. This ability of brass to be excellently processed has enabled the Bronzetto brand to realize complex designs demanded by clients, resulting in products that are not only functional but also aesthetically appealing.

Significance and Vision of Bronzetto Creations

Bronzetto not only creates products but also strives to convey a certain philosophy and aesthetics through its creations. Their products are more than just lamps - they are a medium through which love for beauty, functionality, and durability is expressed. Furthermore, through its work, Bronzetto promotes sustainability and respect for materials and craftsmanship, confirming their status as leaders in the industry of luxury outdoor lighting and furniture.

Every lamp from the EDEN collection is carefully designed to contribute to the beauty of the space in which it is placed. Whether it is lighting up elegant gardens, paths leading to spa centers, or winter gardens, Bronzetto ensures that each product not only serves its practical purpose but also enhances the visual identity of the space.

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