Byredo presents Infra Luna

Combining industrial aesthetics with olfactory innovations.

With innovation at the heart of the beauty brand, Byredo's latest offering is the Infra Luna diffuser. Designed in collaboration with French artist Benoit Lalloz, the piece combines fragrance diffusion with light through a futuristic heating mechanism.

Infra Luna is designed to provide heat that melts Byredo candle wax, turning it into a liquid and in turn bringing magnificent scents to every corner of your room.

The diffuser comes with candle covers in blue, red or chrome colour that reflect their shades in nearby places to create a gentle glow with a circular steel frame with LED lighting. With the top of the candle covered with a colourful cover, this amazing design casts selected colours on the nearby area, making it an ideal new addition to your home.

Together, the founder and creative director of the Byredo brand, Ben Gorham and Lalloz, pushed the boundaries of combining interiors with beauty, not forgetting the importance of craftsmanship.

The Byredo Infra Luna diffuser costs £ 1,790 and is available at Byredo stores.

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