A lamp that will change the way we breathe

A unique table lamp, with interesting technologies, aims to improve our environment in many ways…

Puripot airLamp, created by a Korean startup company, incorporates two innovative technologies - a polyester-based textile filter with Meta TiO2 photo catalyst and titanium dioxide photo catalyst technology to eliminate harmful VOCs, viruses, bacteria and fine dust particles. Therefore, in addition to the main function of emitting light and creating ambience, this small wonder also cleanses our environment and gives us the opportunity to breathe in better quality air.

The air circulating through it is first purged through a non-photocatalytic titanium dioxide filter with transition metal. According to the company, this filter even 50% better removes dust particles than conventional HEPA filters. The performance of this lamp will not deteriorate even after hours of use, but occasional washing is necessary to remove the dust collected. According to the company, its filter is long lasting and will not need replacement.

The air is purified for the second time using a titanium dioxide photo catalyst, which reacts at 460 nm of visible light. It produces instant hydroxyl radicals that break down VOCs, destroy molecular bonds, and improve air purification efficiency.

The price of this lamp has not yet been announced, since it made its debut at the CES 2020 exhibition a few days ago, where it also won the CES Innovation Award in the smart home category.

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