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They are available in a fine selection of Persian rugs and styles…

Every time Studio Mousarris unveils a new design, we're sure it’ll get plenty of attention on social media. Just a few days ago, the studio unveiled its Floating Carpet Table, and we have to admit that we were impressed at first glance. Designed to create the illusion of a carpet floating in the air, this coffee table is the latest addition to the Mousarris Capret product family, which already includes the Carpet chair.

Measuring 152 cm in length, 88.9 in width and 45 in height, this table consists of a "carpet" base and top plate, which is created from steel, wood and glass, which are layered on top of each other. Steel forms the base layer, which is continued by wooden elements that touch the ground on both sides and form the base of the table. The wooden element is placed inside a "sandwich" made of metal and glass, which forms the upper surface of the table.

As they say from this studio: "Floating Carpet table comes in a fine selection of Persian carpets and styles". Considering the effort and work that went into its creation, the Floating Carpet table comes with a hefty price tag of $6,460 and can be ordered through the brand's official website.

Based in Cyprus, Studio Mousarris has been designing conceptual pieces of furniture since 2015, along with bespoke pieces. Considering the uniqueness of the objects they create and the ways in which they push the boundaries of imagination, absolutely every piece takes months to produce. Finally, we must emphasize that this studio uses both modern and traditional skills and techniques to create its unique masterpieces.

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