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Carpet Edition's Alphabet Collection, designed by Eliana Lorena, showcases a unique representation of letters through its distinctive visual language. The collection features graphemes composed of unconventional linear strokes that overlap, mimicking the texture and structure of woven rugs.

The language of the Alphabet Collection relies on minimalistic elements, akin to a code, to convey its message. Each stroke represents knowledge, a gesture, or a constructive act, symbolizing the intersection of warp and weft in the weaving process, rather than merely describing it.

Similar to how letters form words, the intertwining warp and weft threads create fabric, resulting in a design object that embodies the exceptional craftsmanship of the Italian company. The collection utilizes a diverse range of colors and fibers, including New Zealand wool and Tencel, to offer an expanded color palette and endless possibilities for experimentation with six additional shades.

The newly introduced color variations in the Alphabet Collection celebrate the beauty of imperfection while adhering to sustainable practices. These imaginative patterns highlight the value of handcrafted rugs by Carpet Edition. Each piece is meticulously handwoven, utilizing fabric-on-fabric techniques that enable us to imagine what does not yet exist, as inspired by Bruno Munari's lessons in Fantasia, reminding us that "one thing leads to another."

Eliana Lorena Eliana Lorena is a renowned designer, researcher, and educator specializing in material technology and design history. With extensive experience as a strategic consultant for color and material design, she has collaborated with prestigious companies such as Fiat, Lancia, Piaggio, NTV-Italo Treno, Cassina, Pallucco Italia, Lualdi Porte, Marcarté-Tecno, Marzotto, Fila, Mandarina Duck, Moncler, Nava Design, Chopard, and Eurojersey.

Lorena's work has been featured in numerous Italian and international museums and exhibitions. Notably, she has collaborated with La Triennale - Milano on various group shows and a solo exhibition titled "Crossover."

Lorena has taught courses on material culture at Domus Academy and has been a visiting professor at several universities in Italy and abroad, including France, Korea, Singapore, and Japan. Currently, she serves as a faculty member at the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti di Milano (NABA).

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