Another triumph: MB&F x L'Epee 1839 delight with their newest clock

The partnership between MB&F and L’Epee 1839 has given birth to another magnificent table clock called Orb, which will delight you with its appearance and functionality…

As the name of the watch itself says, this spherical creation is actually a piece of sophistication, lacking the drama and opulence we would expect from anything with an MB&F signature, until it opens. The central part of this watch consists of four elytra (protective covers of the beetle's wings), which open, giving it the possibility of occupying different positions. The metal base holds it in place, allowing us to use it open or closed, without fear of rolling or falling.

For maximum aesthetic impact and enjoyment of engineering, you should open all four elytra, to display it without a base, while its mechanism, which comes with the signature L’Epee 1839, has an energy reserve of eight days.

The mechanism displays the hours and rings them, but that sound can be turned off, repeated at your request, or turned on. Interestingly, the original design of this watch came from MB&F intern Maximilian Maertens, who now owns his own studio in Berlin, and has previously worked with this company to create the famous T-Rex and TriPod clocks.

In the end, we can only say that the MB&F x L’Epee 1839 Orb table clock is limited to only 50 pieces and is available in black or white with a price tag of $ 31,200.

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