Designer Simon Heijdens has created a contemporary light installation for champagne house, Perrier-Jouët, at this year’s Design Miami...

Heijdens’ work blends art, dexterity, design and new techniques faultlessly, resulting in an exciting re-elucidation of what Art Nouveau means to the 21st-century.

The contemporary light installation named as Phare No. 1–9 is made up of nine suspended hand-blown glass vessels that contain a translucent liquid. A light source at the top of the vessel shines into the liquid and crates a pattern, which is projected onto the walls and floor of the white room.

Heijdens’ work explores the concept of happenstance, to trace and reveal the hidden essence of the spaces and objects that surround us in everyday life. Phare No.1-9 delves to the core of Art Nouveau and its principles of a studio-based, crafted art-piece, and merges the organic with avant-garde technology. The installation breaks boundaries of how we experience the natural world, and opens up the static character of our structured surroundings.

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