Beauty of marble in the spotlight

A touch of luxury for your kitchen…

When it comes to kitchen design, luxurious aesthetics can be created perhaps even more easily compared to all other rooms in our home. Kitchens need smoothness, order and just a few special details that will shine with their full splendor in its harmonious space. The decoration of the kitchen is actually very simple - all you have to do is choose the materials for its main elements and you are half done. If you have decided to accentuate your kitchen with marble, we are sure that the novelties of the Le Creuset brand will come in handy.

This famous French brand, which transfers the sphere of high fashion to the kitchen utensils sector, is famous for its colorful collections created from cast iron. Just a few days ago, they launched a new white marble design, which now adorns their best-selling products. Offering a stylish touch to any modern kitchen, the Marble collection features an assortment of Le Creuset pieces, such as the Round Dutch baker, French Press and a set of four cups.

The baker is magnificently accented with marble texture and knitted details created from cast iron, while the French Press and a set of coffee cups are made of stone to optimize the temperature retention of your favorite beverage.

With prices ranging from $ 80 to $ 380, the Marble Collection can already be purchased through the Le Creuset site.

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