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More photos

The new Boussac Wallpaper Collection  from Pierre Frey systematically enhances beautifully designed interiors with every pattern, color and textile choice.

The collection gathers metallic effects, vivid and natural colors, unreleased motifs – all in 12 color harmonies you can choose from. Boussac Wallpaper Collection  encompasses damasks, stripes, checks and semi-plains, creating a new and exciting wallpaper line for those in love with fabulous wallpaper styles.

The new wallpaper line does not display previously seen Boussac fabrics – it brings into light new motifs coordinated with the existing fabric choices, so that put together, the wallpaper collection and fabrics form a seamlessly designed space with matching colors and beautiful contrasts. A new backing – called unwoven paper – makes it extremely easy for the wallpaper to be applied, so you don’t have to worry about anything, just enjoy the wonderful atmosphere created by each element of the collection. 

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