Bring spring into your interior with a new Veris chandelier

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More photos

If you are looking forward to spring and longing for all the elements this season brings us, the Cerno Veris chandelier, with its shape that reminds us of petals, can present light at the end of the winter tunnel…

With a design that has been in the works for more than ten years, two contrasting layers of “petals” reflect light while simultaneously blocking a direct view of the light source to create a dramatic yet gentle ambience. All three dimensions of the Vernis chandelier are produced with CNC laser technology, while the petals themselves are rolled and bent manually.

In addition to the dimensions, customers can choose the fineness and temperature of the LED bulb. Matte black, brushed aluminum, pink gold, brushed brass, brass and brilliant white are the offered options. The luminous intensity is determined through an integrated LED, which offers four different temperatures.

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