Carpet Edition introduces a new series of its designer carpets

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Carpet Edition enters the new year with the "Come into the light" collection, which brings a poetic approach to discovering new spaces and perceptions...

This collection combines all the technical characteristics of the materials used with new ways of interacting with the environment. The In-outdoor collection offers five rugs (Dehor, Patio, Park, Pan, and Wik) that merge aesthetic elegance of weaving with functionality for both indoor and outdoor use, available in a variety of colors for every style and need.

In the "Garden of Eden" collection by Carpet Edition, the Dehor rug represents an ideal solution for outdoor enjoyment. Initially created for interiors, due to its resistance to atmospheric conditions and light, it has proven to be an excellent choice for outdoor spaces.

The Patio rug, inspired by the stability and solidity of Spanish architecture, is resistant to UV radiation and light, as well as the impact of sea and pool water, making it ideal for courtyards surrounded by gardens, pools, and fountains.

The Park model is designed with two different textures available in eight colors, offering options with a herringbone pattern. Its specialty lies in the adaptability of dimensions according to market and client demands.

Pan is the result of continuous research in the field of sustainable materials. PVC and polyester, both recycled and recyclable materials, allow for achieving a texture that is both functional and decorative, ideal for high-traffic areas.

The Wik rug highlights the latest trends in sustainable materials and offers a durable structure made from PVC and polyester, resistant to external influences, including direct sunlight which does not affect the colors of the rug.

All the novelties presented by Carpet Edition are produced without the use of processes or materials that release toxic substances into the atmosphere.

For Carpet Edition, the "Come into the light" collection represents a new way of connecting with nature, transforming it into a lasting, free, and sincere lifestyle.

With the In-outdoor rug collection, Carpet Edition bridges the gap between interior and exterior design, offering products that are simultaneously adaptable, personalized, and environmentally sustainable.

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