Chic retro lighting for glamorous bathrooms

Šik retro rasveta za luksuzna kupatila.jpg

Industrial-style ship’s lighting has a simple, refined elegance, which fits in perfectly with the interiors of the bathroom…

Bare, simple and unpretentious, the ship's lighting is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, which is why it is especially suitable for bathrooms, changing rooms, saunas and other similar spaces. And while lighting is quite simple to create in an industrial style, many designers view it as something quite routine. Previously, the industrial look was focused on chrome and stainless steel, but now new warmth has crept into it, with interior designers creating sophisticated combinations, using better designs and textures.

“Just because Davey lights were originally manufactured in nineteenth-century London shipyards doesn’t mean your bathroom has to reflect that aesthetic. Focus instead on function, build quality and materials, and choose from the rich offerings, such as polished brass, to the bold, which are unusually patinated. Consider combining metals to create a casual feel - you don't have to use chrome or aluminum, just because your faucets are made of them, ”says Charlie Bowles, CEO of the Original BTC brand, whose work is a piece you can see in the photo.

A larger number of bathrooms will get the most benefits from a central light source in the form of a ceiling lamp, combined with practical wall models. If you add dimmers to them, you will be able to easily control the mood and function of your space. We suggest that you place two such pieces on each side of the central mirror and create the impression of a chic bathroom, which exudes luxury.

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