Create a perfect holiday ambiance with new Villeroy & Boch lines

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More photos

When holiday lights come on in the city, window displays feature Santa Clauses and reindeers, it is clear to everyone: the holiday season is on the dock…

During Christmas and New Year holidays, we enjoy treats, have coffee with friends and decorate our homes in charming style. The new Villeroy & Boch Christmas collections will help you perform it in the perfect way and transform your home into Wonderland, with style.

The majestic holiday table full of memories will look perfect with Toy's Delight range, featuring Premium Porcelain trim and cutlery painted with nostalgic motifs and classic holiday colors such as green, white and red with many lovely details. Part of this offer are candle holders and ornaments, and this year, a new miniature coffee set was introduced.

Toy's Delight Royal Classic range is offered in white version, so it features playful decorations and scattered holiday motifs that will give you a unique touch of classic. Following on from its successful launch last year, this charming range has now received new features, in the form of various bowls, cake stands and cakes, and everything else you need to enjoy coffee with friends over the festive season.

By combining Toy's Delight Royal Classic pieces with Manufacture Rock, you get the opportunity to create a noble black and white look for your home. Special surfaces in both series, with embossed holiday motifs, will create the ideal experience for all your guests.

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