Decor with glamour of old times

Since 1948, Gruppo Greggio is a pioneer and the absolute leader in the production of silver objects, which are an ode to the sophistication in the territory of the European continent...

This time, they present us with a new collection of Form vases and Cellini cutlery. Each home decorated with Greggio collection has a story to tell us: the story of taste when choosing the details, the attention paid to every corner, personality and love of life experienced by those who elect them. Form is a new collection that offers us modern style vases with sinusoidal, but simple curves, where gleaming silver surface reflects perfect geometry lines. These are wonderful objects in your home, which will bring a spark of elegance and style.

The sophisticated elegance of a prestigious Cellini collection reinstated jewelers’ technique, plastic power of sculptors and classic taste painters. Refined and precious pieces of art now luxuriously decorate our dining table and remind us of the glamour of past times. Cellini cutlery will attract the attention of those who are inspired by the past, but they respect and elevate prestigious work of art masters. Cellini Collection will also be a focus of creative genius, who respects the taste, ability, sensitivity and decorative patterns world-renowned masters.

The pieces in this collection have been developed in accordance with the timeless cultural tradition, and bring us a breath of art and history at our tables. They are made of silver, which has exceptional quality.

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