Decorate Your Bathroom with Wallpapers

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When it comes to bathroom design and decoration, many people hastily opt for neutral shades in tones of gray, cream, and white...

However, have you ever thought about decorating your bathroom with wallpapers and transforming it into a true oasis of your dreams? The company SpaghettiWall offers a vast selection of graphics and visuals, each of which can be applied in bathroom spaces. Moreover, the easy application of wallpapers even on tiles, their easy maintenance, and removal present great advantages of this decoration method, allowing you to change the look of your bathroom seasonally if you wish.

SpaghettiWall, an Italian wallpaper company, helps you transform the look of your bathroom with a catalog of over 600 motifs created in collaboration with artists, designers, and illustrators. The images are designed to never repeat and adapt to the surface every time. They are printed in very high resolution on rolls 90 cm wide, made of fiberglass, texturally pleasant to the touch, and very durable. Thanks to a special "Waterproof finish" treatment, the surface enjoys excellent resistance in case of direct and prolonged contact with running water and high humidity, as well as exceptional resistance to wear and chemical agents used for daily cleaning.

From covering one wall for a trompe l'oeil effect, to designing perimeter boiseries up to a certain height or creating shower stalls, colored ceilings, or in combination with tone-on-tone or contrasting ceramic tiles: various types of applications, combined with almost endless options of selected images and color shades, including custom ones, make wallpapers an unlimited creative tool for creating the desired interior.

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